Preorder for Wonder Festival 2009 [Summer]!

UPDATE 12/22/2009: All of the figurines were shipped out last week, on December 15th. For those in the US, your package should arrive before Christmas. For Canada, it may take up to New Year's Day, given the high volume of holiday mailing. For the Philippines, it may take until the first week of January 2010. Please let me know if your package doesn't show up by then.

UPDATE 12/02/2009: The figurines have reached my friend. I apologize for the late update, apparently they were shipped very late in November and just reached him on November 30th. They will be sent to me within the coming week, and I'll be sending them out within the week after that. Here's a photo of them all together.

Update 07/28/2009: All of the figurines have been ordered. Screenshots of the checkout process are posted below. The total was 6 figma "long and skinny face" Miku and 3 GSC 1/8 close-eyed Miku.

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Rolo's Locket for Sale (Code Geass R2)

Rolo's Locket
Starting Bid: $5
Current Bid: $33 by panda_usagi

Auction Ending Time: 11:00:00pm EST, December 4th, 2008

For direct auction is a 1:1.47 scale replica of Rolo's locket from Code Geass R2, which is usually seen dangling from his cellphone. It is unopenable and it will not play music. The locket was taken from the Rolo figurine of the PPP R2 Vol.1 series. A friend and I put two spring ring clasps on ends of the finest gold chain we could find at the craft store. The locket is approximately 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide. The shorter cellphone chain is 2 inches long (without counting the clasps) and the longer necklace chain is 18 inches long. We made the chains to 1:1.47 scale according to the original production sketch (provided by koshimizu here).

This auction is only for one locket and one chain. Please specify which chain length you'd like (short cellphone version or long necklace version).

Please make your bid either by commenting here or sending me a private message. I will do my best to keep the current bid updated. Bids made in the last five minutes of the auction will automatically extend the ending time by five minutes, similar to the system on Yahoo! Auction Japan.

At the end of the auction, I'd prefer PayPal for payment. Please let me know ahead of time if you can't do PayPal.
I have 100% positive feedback on eBay here.

Shipping is $2 in the US and $3 worldwide.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Preorder for Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer]!

If you just stumbled onto this post, the short message is, it's too late. All figurines are spoken for and I'm preparing to ship them out. The next Wonder Festival group order I'll do will be for Wonder Festival 2009 [Summer], so please check back on my LJ sometime in July 2009.

Update 12/06/2008: I've received all figurines. Check them out below. I will be shipping everything on Monday, December 8th, and they should reach you by the end of the week if you're in the US and in two week's time elsewhere.

Update 11/29/2008: My friend received the figurines a few days ago, but his hard disk drive broke down and he's been trying to fix it for the past few days, so that's why this update is late and he hasn't gotten around to shipping out the goods yet. He'll be shipping them out on Monday, December 1st, JP time. Below is a photo of all figurines together.

Update 11/19/2008: As per Goodsmile Company's announcement last week, the figurines will all be shipped in Japan today, JP time. The figurines will start arriving at the recipient's address starting tomorrow, the 20th of November. I will update this post again when I get photos from my friend in Japan.

Update 08/05/2008: All of the figurines have been ordered. Screenshots of the checkout process below.
The total was 4 figma Spinzaku, 4 Nendo Melissa, and 4 Nendo Hachune Miku.

Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer] took place on August 3th, 2008, and Goodsmile Company and Max Factory sold limited edition merchandise there, which they will also sell online exclusively at GSC's online store for a limited period of time. You can take a look at all of the products they have to offer here.

The preorder window is 8/4/2008 - 8/10/2008 and GSC does NOT ship overseas. I'm getting something through a friend in Japan and I'm willing to help other people get merchandise, too. Note that after the preorder window, none of these items will ever be produced again. I will take preorders from people on the following products. The listed price INCLUDES all shipping fees (from GSC to Japan, EMS shipping to US, and from me to you). PayPal buyers need to pay an extra 3% of total + $0.30 to cover the PayPal fee.

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figma.BP Kururugi Suzaku figurine: $55

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku (Hachune Face ver.): $60

Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy (Devil ver.): $65

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Preorders for Wonder Festival 2008 [Winter]!

I will be running another preorder for Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer]! Here's how-to secure the newest batch of loot from Goodsmile Company and Max Factory!

If you've just wandered onto the page, the short message is that the preorder is over.

6 figma Konata + 5 Nendoroid LS/Fate sets have been ordered.

Update 6/19:

All figurines have reached me. I'll be shipping them out starting tomorrow.

Update 6/11:
One shipment has reached my friend in Japan! The rest should be arriving today, too.

Screenshots of the checkout process here, note the unique order number circled in red on the second and fourth images.

Before people start wailing, "Where's my fig?!?! It's been a month!", please note that they will NOT be shipped until June 10, 2008, in Japan, and delivery time may take up to one week within Japan. Shipping to me (EMS) will take another 2-3 business days, and shipping to you will take a few more days, depending on your location. So this post won't be updated again until mid-June, when the figurines are delivered to my friend's house. I'll get him to take photos before shipping to me.

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Max Factory's figma Izumi Konata (Cosplay ver.) Figurine: $55

More images.
In the box, courtesy of

Probably around 125-130mm (about 5") tall, seeing as how the figma Nagato Yuki is 135mm tall.

Goodsmile Company's Nendoroid Lucky☆Star Fate Cosplay Set: $85

More images.
In the box, courtesy of

Probably around 100mm (about 4") tall, since the original Tohsaka Rin Nendoroid is 100mm tall.